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What people would say about me, behind my back...?

Natalie is a down to earth, friendly, Australian woman. genuine, easy going and very flirty. Physically Slim and curvy with womanly breasts and a Kardashian bottom, soft skin, long dark silky hair, gorgeous brown eyes and a sexy cheeky smile…., She’s easy to talk with and can make even the most nervous man feel comfortable, welcome and turned on during the first meeting – Natalie won’t rush you (unless you’re really horny and like to get down and dirty quickly),



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Aussie through and through

Discover Natalie, the true Aussie gem! Her captivating charm and sincere friendliness are a guaranteed source of relaxation and happiness. 😇 Although a few clients question her origins, Natalie was born in sunny Brisbane and sports a fair complexion – leaving no doubt that she's a proud 100% Aussie! 🇦🇺

Genuine Snaps, Modern Reality:

hose photos? All me, all now. No tricks, just the truth. When we finally meet, brace yourself – I'm more captivating than you anticipate. Let the magic unfold! 🌠
Short Bookings

Fleeting Magic, No Pressure

Dive into under-30-minute bookings with a relaxed pace. No rush, just enjoyment during those quick intervals amidst work or lunch. Natalie's got your back – whether it's back to business or a traffic-free ride home, the choice is yours. Chat away or take your leave; the clock bows to you! 🕒🎈

ozy Retreat, Secluded Ease

Natalie's created a haven tailored for professionals and gentlemen who desire hotel-like comfort fused with residential apartment privacy. Luxuriate in crisp linens, fluffy towels, and dedicated grooming amenities. Your quiet sanctuary boasts a snug queen bed and an exclusive bathroom, ensuring both your safety and your personal items' security. Natalie's setup guarantees your health, ease, and pleasure. ✨🏆
No Rush

Leisure-Packed Delight

Natalie's promise: your contentment comes first. She's all about turning each instant into a gem, ensuring an experience you'll treasure. No need to race the clock—take it easy, relax, and immerse yourself in the entire booking period. There's always more time if you want it! ⏰🌟
Simple Bookings

Connecting with Natalie is a breeze

📞✉️ no advanced bookings needed! Skip the fuss; a simple call or text sets things in motion. Brace for excitement as we kick off an unforgettable bond that'll leave you craving more. Can't wait to meet you! 😊🌟

Unspoken Impressions

She’s a good listener; to both what you say and what you want to say but maybe can’t find the words… she loves taking control for the most part – if you’ll let her, so it can all be about you… she loves to play too, and gets turned on by watching and feeling herself and her lover. This sophisticated and sensual woman gives a great back rub and loves an affectionate cuddle and intellectual chat.
Natalie Moore - Brisbane Private Escort
Natalie Moore - Brisbane Private Escort


Friday 9am till 7pm & Sat 9am till 1pm
Away from Sunday 22 October till Sunday 29 October 2023
If you prefer to take it easy or need to relax after a wild ride, the two of you can relax in comfortable quietness until you are ready to get back to reality. Now touring and usually available in Brisbane, this hot genuine Australian Escort will delight please and indulge your fantasies

A little bit about me...

Im an open-minded person who loves to live life to the fullest. I have diverse interests, Always eager to learn and love adventures. I hope you like learning more about me


I prefer my coffee to be robust and intense, which is why I usually go for a Strong Long Black with just a hint of cold water added to it. I want to enjoy it immediately once it's ready. II like it to be a dark roasted, with a richer flavour and my Delonghi automatic coffee machine is my go-to choice of equipment. I dont mind going out for coffee too

What I Drink

Im a fan of sparkling water. I find that I can't do without my trusty SodaStream. As for my go-to smoothie recipe, it consists of a delicious blend of mango, strawberry, berries, passionfruit, pear juice, almond milk, and a teaspoon of LSA (linseed, sunflower, and almond meal) - all mixed together using my high-speed Ninja Bullet a To give it a creamy and flavourful texture, I top it off with full-fat vanilla ice-cream.

Education & Study

I've been keeping myself busy with a variety of academic pursuits. I've attained several diplomas and I'm currently close to completing my bachelor's degree, though I have to admit I've gotten a bit sidetracked lately. Over the years, I've studied different subjects, such as design and photography, beauty therapy, information technology, business management, and project management. I've even taken a couple of Archaeology and Anthropology units out of pure interest and enjoyment.


I have a great passion for my 4x4 and I take great pride in doing the maintenance that keeps it running in top condition. I love to take it off-road and explore different types of terrain; it's a thrilling adventure for me. Plus, it provides heaps of space to carry all my shopping bags when I go out, oh and with a bull bar fixed on the front, no one really dares to cut me off or gets in my way while driving.

Money & Business

Beyond escorting, I am a true entrepreneur at heart, owning and running two successful businesses in the fields of property management and marketing. I am truly passionate about both my businesses and my escorting services. Being a successful entrepreneur and escort is something that I am proud of, and I hope it makes me a little bit more of an interesting companion for those seeking my services.

Hobbies & Interests

I love to watch movies and funny shows like Family Guy, and Rick and Morty, I dont mind a bit of Crime Watch and anything that has to do with conspiracy theories or ancient history. My taste in music is eclectic. loving artists like Nick Grit, Sia, Pink, Nickelback and Guns and Roses. When Im not kicking back and listening to music, I try to get out and have adventures like the high ropes courses up near the big pineapple, going off road camping and mountain walks. I love having new adventure and say you should always try everything twice!

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