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November 14, 2023
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Seeking and Escort, John xx

In the intriguing world of escort services, where discretion is paramount, one name seems to be ever-present—John. It’s a name so ubiquitous that it has become synonymous with anonymity, leaving me pondering: Just how many Johns are there; Are men truly that unimaginative (from my experience that’s a hard no), or is there more to this super pseudonym than meets the eye? So today I am on a quest into the world of escort encounters and exploring why it might be time for our patrons to unleash their inner creativity.

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Calling all Johns

Now, let’s make one thing clear: there’s nothing inherently wrong with the name John. It’s a classic, timeless moniker that has graced countless remarkable individuals throughout history. From John the Baptist to John Lennon, it carries a certain weight, a familiarity that provides a sense of respectability. But in our line of work, it’s become the go-to pseudonym for those seeking our companionship.

Do you know how many regular Johns I have? And I don’t mean “johns” meaning a sex worker client, I mean gentlemen who introduce themselves as John and not Jason for example. One trouble with this is none of my John’s have last names – so in my regs contact book it’s “John, mechanic,” “John, really tall Italian guy,” “John, Aussie with the nice suit,” “John, who likes to chat….a lot,” and that is but a small sample, considering Ive only been back to working for a few months. I’m finding it rather impractical.

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As much as I appreciate the simplicity and discretion that ‘John’ offers, (and Im certain he expects the same in return), it has reached a point where distinguishing one ‘John’ from another has become a challenge. And may I add, I have to giggle a little when I get a call or text saying “Hey Natalie its John, do you remember me?” So, while there’s a certain charm to the name, it might be time to explore a more distinctive and imaginative approach to our introductions. After all, shouldn’t our time together be as unique as the personas we create?

The Historical Roots of Johnathan

The historical roots of this association are somewhat elusive, but ‘John’ has been a common name, and an inconspicuous choice for anonymity for centuries. Delving deeper into the origins of ‘John’ reveals a fascinating tapestry of reasons for its adoption in the world of escort services.

Meaning and Origin of The Name John 

  • Derived from the Hebrew Yohanan,
  • Means “graced by God.”
  • Solid, traditional name
  • Exudes strength, smarts, and kindness. 

The use of the name ‘John’ to refer to men who patronize escorts has deep historical roots. While it is challenging to pinpoint the exact moment when this association was first established, it likely dates back several centuries. The name ‘John’ has been a common given name in English-speaking countries, and a popular name throughout history for generations. And I wonder, does the name ‘John’ carry additional weight due to its appearance in the Bible, most notably as the name of Saint John the Baptist. This biblical reference intrigues me and perhaps adds an air of respectability to the name and further contributes to its adoption as a pseudonym in the realm of escort encounters.

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I imagine the simplicity and commonality of the name ‘John’ also play a pivotal role in its enduring popularity. Its ease of remembering and pronouncing make it a convenient choice for casual encounters where quick introductions and a degree of anonymity are paramount. This practicality likely contributed significantly to the widespread usage of ‘John’ as a pseudonym for those seeking companionship.

So, while the historical origins of the ‘John’ pseudonym may remain somewhat elusive, the name’s historical prevalence, biblical reference, and practicality all intertwine to make it the go-to choice for those men who value anonymity in their encounters.

Reinventing the “Jonnio”-type

Now, here’s where the fun begins. Is it that our patrons lack imagination when choosing a pseudonym, or does the name ‘John’ itself add an extra layer of excitement to the adventure? It’s a curious question, isn’t it? Perhaps ‘John’ is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, offering a cloak of respectability in an otherwise taboo world.

While ‘John’ has served us well, I propose a challenge to our esteemed Johns: be a bit more creative. Why not embrace a new persona that truly embodies the thrill of the encounter? Pick a name that ignites your imagination, a pseudonym that adds an extra layer of excitement to our rendezvous.

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Imagine the possibilities you could be an enigmatic ‘Mathew‘ or a charming ‘Christopher.’ Why not channel your inner spy with ‘007’ or embrace a touch of mystique with ‘Lorenzo‘? The options are limitless, and each one can transform our time together into an unforgettable adventure.

Not Just Another ‘John’, Escort Client

The name ‘John’ may be as classic as a little black dress, but perhaps it’s time to inject some novelty into our meet ups. After all, isn’t the allure of seeing an escort all about exploring the unknown and stepping outside your comfort zone?

So, my dear John the next time you reach out, consider adopting a new persona, one that elevates our rendezvous to an even more thrilling and memorable experience. Let’s break free from the expected and embark on an exciting journey together—one that begins with a name.


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