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The Business of Sex Work: Income Goals Part 1 – Understanding Your Client’s Value

Escorts and sex work businesses rely almost entirely on generating phone driven traffic and then securing appointments as a primary source of revenue. Understanding the value of each client is a critical element of running any business, especially where you are almost certainly solely and directly responsible for generating the leads, booking in the jobs and closing on the sale.

A Prosperous Perspective Shift From Self-Worth to Client Worth

Knowing the likely worth of each client not only informs your scheduling decisions, by considering your income goals as well as your health (and avoiding burning out). but it also plays a pivotal role in financial planning and your overall business strategy.

From Booking to Balance Sheet

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One practical method to gauge client value is by tracking the income generated from each booking over a period, typically this could be around 2-3 weeks to start with. To obtain a reliable average value, sum up the total income from all bookings during this period and divide it by the number of bookings. This average provides a baseline for understanding what each client is likely to bring to your business.

Understanding the Variability of Client Worth

It’s important to consider the variability among clients. For instance, if you encounter one or two clients whose value significantly deviates from the norm – either being exceptionally high or low – it might be prudent to exclude these outliers from your calculation. This approach ensures a more accurate and representative average, as outliers can skew the data, leading to either an overestimation or underestimation of the typical client value.

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Follow the Money: Client Value Management

A practical tip for keeping track of this data is integrating it into your daily workflow. For example, when making a booking, I use the option to share the booking contact details to my phones calendar. This action automatically saves the client’s phone number as an entry in my calendar and if the service is anything but a standard service I add the expected booking value at the in the title. I then reflect back on the week, and calculate the total and divide by the number of bookings. This system makes it simple and easy to manage my daily schedule as well as to review my weekly earnings and assess my average client value accurately.

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Rethinking Worthiness

Beyond this, other strategies for evaluating client value include analysing the frequency of their bookings, their propensity for purchasing additional services like extras (or products if you offer them), and even their referral potential.

Each of these factors contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of a client’s worth. Integrating this understanding into your scheduling and financial planning allows for a more tailored approach to managing your workload, ensuring that you maximize both your revenue and your time. By striking this balance, you can create a sustainable business model that accommodates growth without risking burnout.

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