Income Goals

Your financial objectives are not isolated from other life goals, such as family, health, and spirituality. Whether you're aiming for incremental growth or setting your sights on massive achievements, it's crucial to have a clear plan in place. Your daily efforts play a significant role in shaping your success. To assist you on this journey, I have created a custom calculator designed to help you dissect the steps required to reach your goals. By answering the below questions, this calculator will guide you in determining how many clients you might need to see and how your rates affect your income goals.

Let's embark on this journey together, turning your aspirations into concrete achievements.

  • Financial objectives are crucial for improving and managing other life goals like family, health, and spirituality.

  • Setting achievable targets is essential - but consider setting massive goals too.

  • Your effort dictates your results; daily activities shape your success.

  • Utilize the custom calculator provided to dissect the steps needed to achieve your goals.

Questions to consider

  • What is your monthly income goal?

  • How many days a week do you think you will work?

  • What is your average client value?
    as you get more experienced and better at marketing and targeting your client, or as you develop you services this number will change

  • How many clients per day do you need to meet with to meet that

  • What is the average number of enquiries you receive each day.

  • How well do you close and book? 
    Close - From all of the messages and phone calls you get, how many are you able to book in 

  • What is your attrition rate?
    Regular and return clients 

Income Calculator


*some figures have been rounded durring calculations

Business Plan & Marketing Expenses

Having a clear income goal and knowing where and how much to spend in marketing is essential for any business because it provides a target to work towards and helps in setting realistic expectations.

It gives you a specific financial target to achieve, which can guide your decisions on how much to spend on advertising. Understanding your operational expenses is equally crucial because it allows you to calculate how much money you need to cover your day-to-day business operations. This includes accommodation, utilities, supplies, and other overhead costs. By knowing your expenses, you can ensure that your business remains sustainable and profitable.

Determining the cost of generating a client lead or client enquiry is a key factor in advertising budgeting. Knowing the cost per lead or cost per acquisition helps you evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. It allows you to allocate your budget more wisely by investing more in marketing channels that yield lower costs per lead and reducing spending on less efficient channels.

Use this sheet to help calculating the cost of acquiring clients,

These factors enable you to make informed decisions about how much to allocate for advertising expenditures, ensuring that your marketing efforts are both cost-effective and aligned with your overall business objectives.

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