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November 10, 2023
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Ladies have the right to choose what they will and will not do with their body and yours. After gaining an understanding of the different types of services and ways of working within the industry a sex worker will, consider what services fit within their boundaries and what they are comfortable offering.

What services does a Queensland brothel expect a lady to provide?

A standard full-service generally includes a massage and protected oral sex on the client as well as intercourse using a condom. The booking will usually conclude once the time is up or until the client comes. Service providers may include other things in their standard service and may conclude their service either at the end of the time or after you finish (even if you finish early).

Check with the brother and your service provider to clarify your expectations and if you are happy with what is on offer

What are you paying for when you visit a brothel?

The fee you pay will usually include room hire – which goes to the brothel, and the service fee, which is paid directly to the lady. Technically you pay the brothel some money directly, and you pay the lady some money directly.

For example if you pay $150 in total for half an hour, you are likely paying the lady around 70-80 and the brothel will be paid the remainder.

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Ask in the Intro

Introductions or “intros” will allow you to meet the ladies available and ask any questions that you may have. Each Lady will come out and say hello individually and stay for as little as it takes to say “Hi Im Natalie do you have any questions for me? or a few minutes if you have anything you want discuss. This is when you have the opportunities to ask about the type of service available from the lady and ask if there are any extras.

Some ladies will have quite a repertoire of services on offer so its often a good idea to ask specifically for what you are looking for. Don’t be shy in asking. most ladies will have had many previous seemingly strange, interesting and very adventurous requests before – chances are what you are looking for will seem very vanilla to the seasoned professional.

Another great question to ask is “will you be comfortable seeing me?” You can let the lady know some things about you too if you like. You could say what you do as a profession, tell them how old you are, let them know if you are new to visiting brothels or even tell them you are less experienced than you would like to be. You can also explain to mood of lady or booking you are after, for example if you are after someone with a lot of energy and action or if you are more in the mood for a relaxed sensual vibe. You can also let the lady know if you are just after a standard service or if you are looking for extras too.

These things will help the lady to decide if she wants to see you too.

Is it normal to be asked to pay extra in a Brothel?

Yes, Absolutely. Its probably annoying if your lady is constantly asking you to pay more money during your service and this might make it difficult to enjoy your time. Likewise its annoying for the lady to be constantly reminding the client of boundaries if the client is constantly pushing to receive more than what was negotiated or expected during the introduction and commencement of the booking.

If you are new to visiting a brothel the main thing you should ask is “what is included in your standard service?” The expected reply for a 30min booking is likely to be something like Sex, Blowjob, Massage and one time. Anything else is probably extra. Extras might be things you may have come to expect from other ladies you have seen previously but you should always check and specifically ask if something you are wanting to experience is included. This might be things you think are simple and should be included, but you may be disappointed if you don’t ask. Things to ask about might include, kissing on the body or boobs (these might be two separate offerings), lip or passionate kissing (also very different), touching in between her legs, masturbation, dirty talk, if you can have two or more shots, if multiple positions or particular positions are included, or if she will go on top etc. If you are likely to ejaculate quickly, (like within the first 5minutes, you should mention this and ask if its ok to have a second time if you do, there may be room to negotiate if the first time is super quick, and bare in mind it may cost extra if you say you will be quick and you are not)

What are the Extras that Brothel Girls charge?

Extras are things that are outside of the brothel’s “standard service” and you will need to negotiate privately with your chosen lady. She will likely have a set schedule of fees that she likes to charge and this will vary from lady to lady. Unlike the standard service offerings, you and her will need to decide what extras you want and if she will offer them and of course what the price is for each extra you want. Package deals may also be on offer such as a Girlfriend Experience or Porn Star Experience. The Brothel only receives the room hire so the full amount of extras go to the lady.

In my experience, most girls will charge between $50 and $100 for each extra, and start to package more things in when you are spending upwards of 150 or more on extras. For example, touching, oral and kissing on her body might each be $50.00 but her Girlfriend experience might also include those items, plus a shower for two, a sexy lap dance or strip tease, mutual masturbation, multiple positions and a second time for $200 – now that sounds way better than just sex blow job and massage.

Its really up to her and you to negotiate the service inclusions, but the more you pay the more she may offer and the better the service will likely be.

What about giving a tip

If you think you will give a tip my advice is that its probably best to offer this at the beginning of the service. Even if its just $20 or $30 extra. If the standard service is all that you require but you just want her to give you more than her usual “effort and attention” then this is a great idea. You should make it clear that the tip is for your appreciation of her and that you would just like to be treated a little extra special as may be up to her.

The amount of the tip will likely impact her level of attentiveness and what if anything else she might include. Although it may be difficult to distinguish the added value you will receive if you haven’t seen this particular lady before, rest assure she will be happy to receive the extra tip and a happy lady will almost always result in a happy client.


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