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Rose Castle Review – Best Brothels in Brisbane

Looking for the best Brothels in Brisbane, well your search ends here. In this review, I’ll introduce you to a true gem among the city’s top brothels. Rose Castle in Coopers Plains – From its convenient location and convenient amenities and rooms, and friendly ladies this punters establishment stands out as a top choice for locals seeking an unforgettable experience with a parlour escort in Brisbane.

Join us as me as I explore what makes this Brisbane Southside Adult entertainment establishment the first choice destination for your short escape from reality in the Queensland capital.

Parking & Access to the Brothel – 4 Stars

Parking and access arrangements at this Brisbane brothel are designed to cater to a range of guest needs. Whether you choose on-site parking, off-street parking the focus on security and convenience is evident. Additionally, the accessibility features and entry protocol contribute to a safe and welcoming experience for all clients. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the parking and access options available for the Rose Castle Brothel.

  1. Entrance Direction: The entrance to the property is accessible only when traveling east along Boundary Road. While it is possible to turn into the driveway when heading west, I don’t recommend it, the area is patrolled by traffic enforcement, and the road can be quite busy at peak times.
  2. Driveway: The driveway leading to the property is notably wide, making it suitable for both small and large vehicles, Parking is not covered so there are no height restrictions and the spacious car parking area allows for easy manoeuvring and parking.
  3. On-Site Parking: On-site parking is available, and it’s worth mentioning that there is a colorbond private fence that surrounds the parking area. Despite this fence, the wide driveway provides visibility into the car park, making it relatively easy to see cars parked when travelling down boundary road.
  4. Off-Street Parking: For guests who prefer to park away from the building for extra privacy, off-street parking is an option available about 200 meters away down the closest side street.
  5. Ladies’ Parking: For added privacy and security, ladies are offered the option to park at the rear of the property, but this option is not available to customers. This area comes with a private and secure remote entrance operated by the management staff.
  6. Building Access: The building itself is positioned at the rear of the property. When facing the building, clients can access it from the left side. Accessibility is a priority, and there are both stairs and a ramp to cater to guests with different mobility needs.
  7. Entry Protocol: Clients should be aware that the entrance to the building requires ringing a bell. Once you’ve rung the bell, it’s customary to wait at the door to be let in. This security measure ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to the premises, enhancing safety and privacy.

Entrance & Building Aesthetic – 3 Stars

The entrance and exterior of the Brothels building may not be designed to leave a lasting visual impression. Functionality and accessibility appear to be the main priorities here. The building itself is a single-level brick structure situated at the rear of the block. It lacks the architectural flair or striking aesthetics that some guests might associate with upscale Brothel.

The signage at the front of the property, featuring a discreet red and white sign with a rose and the Brothels name “Rose Castle” along with the street number (702), is understated. This simplicity may make the property somewhat inconspicuous to passers-by, especially if they’re not actively looking for it.

From what I could glean from historical google map street view images, the site was originally a car yard until around 2009, and then likely vacant until the previous building was demolished and the big square light brick purpose built brothel was erected in around 2017.

While the exterior may not boast lavish designs or eye-catching features, it’s essential to remember that looks can be deceiving. The true value of this establishment lies within its services, and the overall guest experience provided by the ladies. So, if you’re seeking a comfortable and functional visit without the need for extravagant aesthetics, this might still be a suitable choice. Ultimately, the quality of your stay will depend on factors beyond the building’s appearance.

Reception and Brothel Management – 5 Stars

From the welcoming and efficient brothel management to the provision of amenities and the private waiting rooms, brothel guests are well-catered to throughout their visit Upon stepping into this Brisbane brothel, guests are welcomed into an intimate and tastefully decorated reception area. The design choice for the reception area aims for a sense of privacy and sophistication, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

One of the standout features of this Brisbane adult parlour is the friendly, efficient, and helpful management and staff. They are well-prepared to assist punters in various ways. Whether you need information about available services, guidance on how to request specific services, or simply have questions about the service providers, the team is readily available to assist you. Their customer service skills are well-honed, and their professionalism shines through, enhancing the overall guest experience.

The availability of on-site amenities adds to the convenience of the stay. An on-site ATM with EFTPOS facilities ensures that clients have easy access to cash and payment options for standard services and any additional expenses. Additionally, a well-stocked vending machine is on hand, allowing punters to grab a quick snack or refreshment while waiting for their services to commence.

For those seeking privacy for introductions, the three private waiting rooms offer a suitable space. to accommodate both individuals and groups. While there is a client toilet available, it’s worth noting the recommendation to wait until your service has started and a health check is performed before using any facilities.

Brothel Rooms

I worked in this adult entertainment venue for a few months in 2023 and while I loved the ladies, the management and overall vibe of the place the rooms are a bit understated and basic. The website states that the rooms are brand new and that the adult parlour was purpose built for use as a brothel. I wish I had have been invited to consult f in their design phase as I would have had some great input to improve the operational efficiencies of the rooms and comfort for the ladies and clients. The images of the rooms on the website do seem to be a bit old, and while the look is relatively consistent with how it looked when I worked there, the rooms could do with an update

Image From

There are five rooms that all are reasonably the same, with a semi-private ensuite in each, The fifth room has a wheelchair friendly shower, wider entrances to the room and bathroom area with a shower bench and hand rail for the shower and also a hand rail for the toilet.

All Beds are queen sized beds, with mattress protectors and a single pillow for each bed. Most rooms had a single bed side table with supplies and ppe items for the lady and client to access

In each room there is a utility book shelf with access to extra supplies like sheets, towels, cleaning products and booking essentials. On the top 2 or 3 shelves are an array of interesting ornamental objects that just don’t have any common or underlying theme. The décor while nice and expensive looking, kind of annoys my hyper-organised and analytical mind… I couldn’t made sense of the items together. When you are a working girl sometimes in a booking your mind really wonders to some strange places, and this was a huge distraction for me. Across all rooms there is a variety of African ornaments, fish and aquatic sculptures, Cute asian statues, and other abstract pieces all mixed together on the shelves, the items are mostly behind locked glass doors, which was unfortunate because I really wanted to swap the items around to create some sort of themed display in each room.

All Beds are queen sized beds, with mattress protectors and a single pillow for each bed. The ladies will prepare the room for the next service by covering the bed with a drop sheet, and hopefully changing the pillow case (although the drop sheet will often be placed over the pillow too. The Ladies, like at most brothels are tasked with resetting the room including to clean and wipe down the high touch surfaces, squeegee out the shower and make the bed. Im not sure how thorough each lady performs these tasks between bookings, especially at busy times. The establishment does hire a regular cleaner to restore all the rooms to a higher standard, but I must admit even when I worked a few days straight I found myself bring in my own Domestos, cleaning products and tools to give the showers a good and property clean – in my mind, and with my Airbnb management experience there was no way the cleaners or ladies were cleaning out the showers as well as they should have been.

however I did find that the rooms with metal framed beds were a bit squeaky, the walls have some sound proofing, however if your neighbour is being a little more vocal you are likely to hear them, however this is something I have found common in many Brisbane brothels.

One thing I really did like is that for all rooms the water pressure in the showers are very good plus the hot water is quick to heat up.

I would have enjoyed

standard services provided are time-based and that they are in the comfort of a 5-star luxurious roomThe rooms at this hotel were a true highlight of our stay. They were spacious, tastefully decorated, and exceptionally clean. The bed was comfortable, ensuring a good night’s sleep, and the linens were of high quality. The room amenities included a well-stocked minibar, a coffee maker, and a flat-screen TV with a variety of channels. The bathroom was modern and featured both a bathtub and a separate shower, along with premium toiletries. Additionally, the room had a beautiful view of the city skyline, which added to the overall experience.

In conclusion, our experience at this hotel was exceptional.

Location and Contact Information

(07) 3277 1111
702 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains QLD 4108

Standard Services and Pricing

For guests seeking standard services, the brothel offers time-based options that can be customized to meet individual desires. The service providers are usually flexible and willing to discuss your specific needs, ensuring that the service you receive is tailored to your preferences. There may be additional fess for some requirements, and each lady will set her own rates for extras Here is an overview of the standard services and their associated prices:

  • 20 minutes: Starting at $130
  • 30 minutes: Priced at $140
  • 45 minutes: Available for $200
  • 60 minutes: Offered at $250

For those interested in doubles, the following options are available:

  • 30 Minutes: Priced at a total of $270
  • 45 Minutes: Available for a total of $370
  • 60 Minutes: Offered at a total cost of $470

These prices include a split fee for room hire and the standard service fee that is provided directly to the lady. For example for a 30 Minute standard service the ladies fee is $80 and room hire is $60, totalling $140. As a former parlour sex worker and I can honestly say the overall standard of the service is always better when you negotiate something extra. Even if it is just an extra tip, you will notice the difference in attention and satisfaction.

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