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Talk to your partner about your sexual fantasies

Alright, let’s get real for a sec: having sexual fantasies is about as normal as accidentally sending a text to the wrong person (we’ve all been there, right?). It’s like having a secret lit...

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Punter Tips

Alias, The Escort John Phenomenon

In the world of escorts discretion is paramount and one name seems to be ever-present. John. Lets talk about the history of Jons and reinventing the stereotype

Natalie Moore Flying to Melbourne - Private Brisbane Escort

A Week in Victoria: From Reuniting with Loved Ones to Productive Days

Traveling can be a refreshing change of pace, especially when it involves catching up with family and friends, indulging in relaxation, and mixing in some work-related activities. Recently, I had t...

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weekly recap

A Week of Sun, Brisbane Escort Natalie Shares

A Week of sun, fun, and delicious discoveries with Brisbane Escort Natalie Moore – the beauty of life’s little pleasures! 💖

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Back in Action and Embracing the Hustle of Sex work

Today marks a momentous day as I finally returned to work after what felt like an eternity of being away. Oh, how I’ve missed the hustle and bustle of my work….the joy of taking care of...

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Natalie Moore - Photo by Tucker Joenz - Brisbane Escort
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Fantasy and Role Play Ideas

Within these fantastical realms, imagination knows no bounds, and extraordinary adventures await. Whether you seek sexy and sensual escapades, thrilling quests, or heartwarming connections, this co...

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Seven Sexy & Sinful Reasons to Enjoy sex toys

7 Reasons to enjoy sex toys and consider including specials games and gadgets in your regular adult play time. Ask Natalie about toys and squirting or talk to her about recommendations for you and...

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Female Body | Science | Squirting

Squirting and the Female Orgasm Explained

The Female Prostate Gland. I’m asked a lot about squirting and what it is all about.  Many guys have probably seen it in porn and fantasied about it, but have yet to experience the...

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Natalie Moore - Photo by Dainis Graveris - Brisbane Escort
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What’s the difference between a dildo or a vibrator sex toy?

So you are a little curious about choosing a sex toy.  Maybe you are contemplating the difference between a vibrator or using a dildo. Its wonderful that the use of sex toys is on the up and up an...

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How To Make Love To A Woman

The MOST FUNNIEST & BEST EVER youtube video that explains in detail how to have sex make love to a woman from foreplay to intercourse, orgasm and beyond.  This is an awesome step by s...


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